The position of our mansion, in between Abruzzo and Molise Region, will allow you to easily reach both countryside and city coast, satisfying both lovers of wild nature and who can not stay too far from medieval town and culture, without forgetting the nightlife and the several summer exhibition of typical local food.

Among the most touristic places to visit we would like to suggest Termoli, well known for its seaside, the lovely historical town centre, full of traditional shops and fish restaurant. From Termoli seaport every day there is a ferry towards the beautiful Tremiti Islands ( 1 hour trip) famous for its stunning seaside.

Also in a few minutes by car it’s possible to visit the town of Vasto, lovely touristic town in the Abruzzo coast, full of clubs, equipped beach place, historical building and museum. Moreover if you love the combination of seaside and nature it’s impossible to miss Punta Aderci Natural Reserve, with its pristine beaches where is also possible do the bird watching and observe the behaviour of Fratino, an endangered species, who nest free in the Natural Reserve.

If you instead love relax and quite, we can suggest to try our lovely garden where lay down and be brushed by the marine breeze or simply enjoy our panoramic and touching sunset.




Punta Aderci Reserv




Petacciato & Sepino